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USER CONTROL PANEL now is working properly, so now you can register/login by using UCP [User Control Panel]
If anyone have new suggestions about website pm [U]nknown ; Got weed.?
We might movin from ucoz to normal domain/host. So everyday visit us for newest infomation.
How now you can see we only got 1 server running at the moment but this is only beggining of new Counter-Strike Community.
Nearest date when we'll add new server, could be March xx. You can vote in ''Vote for mode'' to choose which mode server will be next.
We welcome everybody in our new Community.

USER CONTROL PANEL tagad strada pienacigi, tapec tagad jus varat registreties/ielogoties lietojot UCP [User Control Panel]
Ja kadam ir jauni ieteikumi par serveri pm [U]nknown ; Got weed.?
Mes varbut parvaksimies no ucoz uz normalu domenu/hostu. Tapec katru dienu apmeklejiet mus prieks jaunakas informacijas.
Ka tagad jus varat redzet mums tikkai pieder 1 darbojos serveris paslaik bet sis ir tikkai sakums jauna Counter-Strike Kopienai.
Tuvakais datums kad mes varetu pievienot jaunu serveri, varetu but Marta xx. Jus varat balsot ieks ''Vote for mode'' lai izveletos nakoso servera veidu.
Mes atbalstam visus sava jaunaja Kopiena.

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